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Every month a Group Regression is provided in my Healing Studio through, search for The Lavender Lighthouse on to join the group and have an amazing experience. Also, for more information, and giveaways like my facebook page The Lavender Lighthouse. Click the facebook link at the bottom of the page! Click the three lines at the top of the page for more navigation through my website. Come and connect with yourself!



Etheric Guidance and Going Home
May 24, 2019 6:00pm-8:00pm

In this connection ceremony, I want to focus on feeling like you are at home, where ever that might be! We will meet our etheric guidance(spirit ,animal guides, mythical creatures, cosmic, galactic and soul family and visit a place or planet you hold dear to your heart...home.



Inner Child and Loved one connection
April 27, 2019 6:00pm-8:00pm

In this connection ceremony we will be working with the inner child and releasing anything that does not serve you or your inner child any longer. Then we will either connect to a deceased loved one or pet, if you do not have someone to connect with we will connect to one of your guides. Come join me and connect to yourself!

"Only take what resonates."


The power of emotional-based thoughts

By: Kayla Vige First, we look at how this power has been working against us so we know how to use it to our benefit. When we look at the effects of emotional-based thoughts you…

We are only as strong as our lowest vibration.

By Kayla Vige Giving compassion and love to both sides of the story of trauma/tragedy doesn’t make one side less deserving of love. We are one, we all deserve compassion and…

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