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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

The Lighthouse Events 

My Group Regressions and Progressions will be live on patreon.  Each month there will be one Live "IN"scension themed Group Regression Sound Bath whether it be self- healing, self-inquiry or self discovery. Also, one Live Manifesting themed Group Progression Sound Bath. Also a Community Polled Discussion where all can ask and answer questions lead by either Me, a special guest or patreon community member. Also Spiritual Practice workshops, DIY Spiritual Crafts, Plant-based Recipes, Ascension Art Gallery Discussion and Interpretation. Monthly Services will also be available in the tiers provided.

"Only take what resonates."


The power of emotional-based thoughts

By: Kayla Vige First, we look at how this power has been working against us so we know how to use it to our benefit. When we look at the effects of emotional-based thoughts you…

We are only as strong as our lowest vibration.

By Kayla Vige Giving compassion and love to both sides of the story of trauma/tragedy doesn’t make one side less deserving of love. We are one, we all deserve compassion and…

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