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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Sacred Soul Awakening Package 2 sessions (In-person)    Save 18%                                               $333.00

What's Included:

Quantum Healing Natal Chart Reading & Crystal-infused Reiki Sound bath

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Ceremonial Cacao Beverage

Take-home Sacred Salt Bath

Awaken with luxury, this package is a combination of my services with extra ascension support goodies. Come have a spiritual growth spurt! This includes everything listed under both services plus some.

Quantum Healing Natal Chart Reading & Crystal-infused Reiki Sound Bath 2 hours (In person)     $188.00

What's Included:

Spiritual Counseling

Natal Healing Chart reading

Card reading

Crystal Layout

Crystal Singing Bowls


During this service, we will first find clues within your natal chart/card reading and from what is going on in your life. Once we find out what energy centers to focus on, you will experience energy therapy from crystals and sound waves. I will create a personalized crystal layout,  play crystal singing bowls and then provide reiki. If you are purchasing the awakening package I use everything from this session to continue on with Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session 3 hours (In person) or (Online)                                                $222.00

What's Included:
Spiritual Counseling

Intentional Healing Hypnosis

Spirit Releasement

Forgive therapy

Higher Self connection to ask questions

Audio Recording

This is an intentional healing hypnosis session so this can be whatever you need at this point in time to shed an emotional layer. If you have done the first portion of the Sacred Soul Awakening, we will already know what we need to do.  Typically, the session will progress through a past life regression, then proceed to healings, energy work or releasement, and finally the connection to the higher self to ask any questions. If this session is online, you will need a headset with a microphone and it will be performed through Zoom. (The link will be provided before your session). You will be recording our session on Zoom, so please make sure you have room to store the session. Payment is made in full, questions and intake form is filled out and emailed before our scheduled session.

If you would like a specific regression technique QHHT(in-person only), BQH, Introspective Hypnosis, or A.U.R.A please let me know.

Follow-up Quantum Healing Hypnosis 1 1/2-2 hours                                                                        $144.00

Feel guided to have another session? These are in-person or online. 

Spiritual Counseling 30 min  (In-person or online)                                                                    $55.00

Quantum Progression Hypnosis Session  3 hours                                                                           $222.00

This session is made to cataylze a spiritual growth spurt, master your reality and reaching your highest timeline. I will use various alchemy techniques depending on energy work prior to the hypnosis to help awareness grow. Please bring what your intention is for this session whether it be communication, inquiry, discovery etc. This includes intentional quantum connection, progression, energy work, self-discovery and energy expanding techniques. 

Pamela Aaralyn's

Quantum Alchemy Healing Session 1 1/2 hour (In-person or online)                                          $144.00

This type of session includes healing guided imagery and invocations with alchemy that helps heal negative core beliefs that originate from past lives, current life or childhood.

Loved-one Communication Quantum Healing Hypnosis                                                            $144.00

This session can be done online or in-person. 

Crystal and Sound Bath Infused Reiki                                                                                    $88.00

Tingles Everywhere! Enjoy 45 min of sound therapy, crystal therapy, and reiki custom to where you are in your journey now.

The Lavender Lighthouse's

At Home Spiritual Development and Trance Channeling Program                                                   

Trance guided spiritual journeying with a partner whenever you want!

You both will have unlimited access to self-healing, self-inquiry, and self-discovery. You will learn to have intention guided sessions to get the answers you seek, channel higher beings, ancestors and communicate with the ethers. Discover each other to connect the dots of your life!  With this practice, you can spiritually develop with your partner in the comfort of your own home. Also, includes one live 1-hour training to answer any questions.

To qualify for this, you and your partner will both need to have a Sacred Soul Awakening package with me before being able to start this program. Book Now! Please contact to purchase.

Custom Trance and Sound Journey for Private Groups (2 hours)                                                        $35/person

Customize your own trance journey with friends, family, or coworkers.

This is for private groups of 4 or more people who would like a personalized trance journey. This can either be based on spiritual growth or just something fun to do with your friends. The theme can be for healing, chakra balancing/clearing, etheric exploration, shamanic journeying, channeling, past lives, different planets/realms/dimensions, etc. This is booked on Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights. If you are interested in this service please use the contact form on the home page so we can start customizing your group's spiritual trance experience.

Start by booking below!